Travel time from home to work

Travel time from home to work

Your employees are tired, stressed or overwhelmed? Facilitate their life by using POMP!

Beyond a study conducted by Dares Analyses, the average time of the trip to work from home is of 50 minutes in France et of 68 minutes in Ile-de-France. This disparity would be caused by the traffic jams slowing down considerable the speed of traffic.


Whether you are employed or manager, POMP can help you ! For a price similar to that found in fuel-stations we deliver you fuel directly on site. You only have to subscribe on our website (see link underneath) and order for a specific time and place, specifying the car to be refueled and the type of fuel required.

Your employees spend enough time in their vehicles, in traffic jam, everyday, morning and evening. Having to go refuel on a different site, is not pleasant to anyone. Improve their quality of life by offering them the possibility to refueling during their work hours.

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