Traffic Regulations in Paris – Recap

Traffic Regulations in Paris – Recap

You probably heard about it, regulations concerning traffic within the city of Paris have multiplied themselves these past few years. Between rumors, laws which are already in place and future restrictions, it is not easy to have a clear overview of the situation. This is why we will here make a quick recap.

Law in place since the 1st of July 2016 – All vehicles, gasoline or diesel running since before 1997 are forbidden during the week between 8am and 8pm, as well as the two-wheels engines from before 1999.

The complete removal of diesel vehicles was announced for 2020. To achieve this, Nicolas Hulot, the minister of the ecology plans on suppressing the tax benefits currently available when driving diesel vehicles and align as soon as possible diesel taxes with gasoline taxes. According to Le Point, Nicolas Hulot would also have announced the establishment of bonuses offered to modest households for getting rid of vehicles whose engines have been running from before 1997.

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