Station F, the new Silicon Valley

Station F, the new Silicon Valley

France is traditionally known abroad for it is mad bureaucratic system and a certain hostility for business. What if that perception was about to change? You probably heard about it the French president Emmanuel Macron recently inaugurated the biggest incubator of the world in Paris: Station F.

Counter to the american protectionist and nationalist policy and the british anti-immigration lobby, Emmanuel Macron has put in place a visa especially for Tech. This new incubator could therefore truly become a hub for worldwide startups.

Some people already speak of Station F, as of the New Silicon Valley: Silicon-Sur-Seine. This hub for tech startups os a capacity of investment of 20 billion euros, is more than an incubator, it is a nation for startups !

If you are thinking about launching your own startup, Station F seems to be the place to be !

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