POMP: The mobile fuel station

POMP: The mobile fuel station

Fleet Europe present POMP, the fuel delivery service through an interview with Stephane Robyn, co-Founder and Marketing director of the company. Fleet Europe is a media dedicated to the leading international fleets managers.

“In a world and economy where time is money, saving time is valuable, also when it comes to Fleet Management. Pomp is an on-demand fuel delivery service that was created in June 2016. It brings fuel to its customers in a utility vehicle equipped with a custom made fuel tank.”

“What is the added value of POMP Fuel for fleet customers?

Our clients avoid losing time and allocating human and/or financial resources to a task that in itself brings no added value to their business. They can plan, anticipate and monitor their consumption while preventing fraud at the same time, since our certified drivers only serve registered vehicles. And along with this, the costs benefits on the TCO are that our clients do not have to spend fuel to get fuel. The cost of fuel as charged by us is calculated on the average of the delivery zone.”

The added value of POMP for fleet managers belong in the fact that they no longer need to allocate human resources or financial resources to the refueling of vehicles. This represents a key activity, which will disappear from POMP’s client’s daily lives. Moreover, they can plan, anticipate and follow their consumption easily while fighting fraud. Fleet managers don’t spend to go refuel while paying prices indexed on the market of the delivery area.


Read the article here:  http://www.fleeteurope.com/en/interviews/pomp-mobile-fuel-station


POMP’s website : http://www.pompfuel.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Pompfuel

Twitter : https://twitter.com/POMPfuel

Find us on Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/10535792

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