POMP – Study conducted by the APUR

POMP – Study conducted by the APUR

The future of fuel-stations and refuelling  in Paris and in close suburbs, APUR

Nowadays it is harder and harder to find a fuel-station in Paris or in close suburbs. Longer detours are necessary to refuel, hence the waste of time and a higher fuel consumption ! A study conducted by “l’Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme” (APUR), analyses the causes of this decrease of fuel-stations in France and more particularly in Ile-de-France.

Indeed, according to the UFIP and the TOTAL group, the number of fuel-stations dropped in France. Beyond the 24,500 fuel-stations implanted in metropolis in 1990, more than half have disappeared two decades later.

The APUR details 3 possible scenarios within the next 3 years. There are currently 120 fuel-stations in Paris, but how many will they be in 2020? Attached are the high, intermediate and low hypothesis. We can observe a big fall in the number of fuel-station by arrondissement, how will Parisians refuel their cars? Long waiting lines are to be expected in the remaining fuel-stations.


Low Hypothesis                                                                  Intermediate Hypothesis                                                  High Hypothesis


According to the study, this drop would be caused by various factors. Beyond them is the general decrease of traffic on the roads. In France, road traffic has risen fast between 1990 and 2003, and then stagnated as traffic was estimated to be the same in 2004 and 2011. This trend would be caused as much by the economic situation as by the development of alternatives modes of transport.

Let’s add to this factor, the increased technical performance of engines leading to a reduced consumption of fuel. In 1995, a new gasoline car consumed approximately 7,5 liters for 100 km and a new diesel car consumed 6,6 litres. In 2011, these consumptions are respectively 5,6 and 4,8 for 100 km.

The decrease in registration always plays a role here, indeed a drop in registration was observed throughout Europe these past few years. In France, between 2010 and 2012 registrations collapsed by 13%.

Finally, fuel-stations currently form part of under concessions belonging to the city of Paris until 2020. A quarter of parisians fuel-stations (29) are under a concession contract with the city of Paris, whose terms expires at the latest in 2020. The non-renewal of these concessions, are an additional criteria justifying the disappearance of fuel-stations.

However the disappearance in fuel-stations does not entail the disappearance in fuel demand, which is still very real. Demand, to which POMP answers, without requiring the opening of new fuel-stations.

Read the article here:  http://www.apur.org/sites/default/files/documents/devenir_stations_service_ravitaillement.pdf


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