Progressive decrease of vehicles running on diesel in France

Progressive decrease of vehicles running on diesel in France

You might not have noticed it, but the proportion of vehicles running on diesel has drastically decreased these past few years in France.
Here are a few numbers from the magazine moto Turbo, highlighting this drop: 73% of diesel vehicles in 2012 against, 48% in 2017.

What is at the origin of this trend?

  • One of the major causes for this pattern is due to the increased level of cars controls and the raise of the norms severity, both responsible for higher costs incurred when owning less eco-friendly vehicles.  This is directly linked to the fall of diesel vehicle sales, and therefore their progressive disappearance on the automotive market.
  • Moreover, a city’s particular regulations for traffic play a big role. Gasoline being better ranked than Diesel on the Crit’Air scale, cities such as for example Paris intent to limit the traffic of diesel vehicles. Paris’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo is even considering completely forbidding such vehicles inside the city.
  • The majority of automobiles fleets operating on diesel are progressively switching to SP95 or SP98 due to the minister of the ecology, Nicolas Hulot’s statement announcing the end of the tax benefit linked to diesel vehicles. Furthermore, according to Le Point, Nicolas Hulot would also have announced the establishment of bonuses offered to modest households for getting rid of vehicles whose engines have been running from before 1997.

As you can imagine, this trend highly impacts the second-hand cars market. This impact is characterised by a congestion of offers for diesel vehicles and a high adaption effort required by car manufacturers to modify their production lines.


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